Фаберже, Императорские пасхальные яйца
Faberge, Imperial easter eggs

Репродукции оригинального "Императорского яйца Гатчинский Дворец"
Reproductions original "Imperial Gatchina Palace Egg"

Faberge style Eggs / Яйца под Фаберже
(по хорошему)

Gatchina Palace Faberge style Egg / Country: Russia / Materials: solid silver & 24K goldGatchina Palace Faberge style EggGatchina Palace Faberge style Egg

Faberge Style Egg Pendant Silver and 24K Gold

Faberge style egg pendant. This exquisite miniature egg pendant is crafted of the finest silver with 24K gold overlay and guilloche enamel, an art form made famous by the master craftman, Karl Faberge, during the Imperial Russian reign of Czar Nicholas II and Czarina Alexandra. The egg is created using the 18th century French process of enameling known as 'guilloche', which involves hand application of translucent layers of enamel on a hand engraved surface. This method is very costly and time consuming, but yeilds mangificent effects in the depths of the colored enamel. This egg was made in Russia for the Imperial Palaces of St. Petersburg Exhibition, 1996. This is a replica of the famous Gatchina Palace Faberge egg that was on display during the exhibition. The two stones are genuine rubies, and the enameling is a very deep navy blue. There are first quality Austrian crystals set into the Imperial eagles, the symbol of the Romanov family and into the gold ribbons. The interior of the egg depicts a model of the exterior of Catherine the Great's Gatchina Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia (environ). Still in original red leatherette box with white satin and velvet lining, gold detailing with a snap closure on the box and the certificate of authenticity. 25 grams. Buyer to pay actual shipping charges plus $2 packing charge and insurance. What a great gift for the collector or someone special to you!

Condition: excellent Year: 1996Gatchina Palace Faberge style Egg
Country: Russia Maker: Russian craftsman
Height: 1.5 in. (3.81 cm) Depth: 1.0 in. (2.54 cm)
Width: .88 in. (2.24 cm) Weight: .07

Title: Gatchina Palace Faberge style Egg Style: Faberge, 18th century
Materials: solid silver & 24K gold Type: Faberge
Price: $325.00

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